African Sculptures

Originally from the nation of Togo (West Africa), Leonard Egli now lives in Secondi, Ghana. He was trained as a carver in an artistic university in Togo. He carves only by hand; he has no power tools. The woods are native to West Africa area and all items are carefully finished by hand sanding and polishing.

In 2004 Leonard met a man who became his mentor while on a medical mission trip to Ghana. To help Leonard attend a local Bible college in 2008, his mentor began selling small items that he carved and mailed to the US. The items include nativity sets, Noah’s ark sets, animals and human figurines. Leonard now pastors a church in his home town.

Below are some examples of his work, but remember each sculpture is one-of-a-kind so what is shown are simply examples of the wide variety you might find in our store.

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